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A bit of history that led to what Brookton is today

The first settler of the Brookton district, John Seabrook (1818-1891), soon after marrying, moved to the area in 1846 and named his property "Brookton House". Until his stepson, A.W. Robinson, took up adjacent land in 1864 John Seabrook remained the only European Brookton district. More settlers moved into the area, and took on sandalwood cutting, as well as wheat and sheep farming during the 1860s and 1870s.


In June 1889 the Great Southern Railway opened and Brookton was one of the original stations. The station proved to become the start that created a townsite that brought together the isolated farms. In 1895 they named it "Seabrook" but confusion with the other Seabrook near York, resulted in the townsite's name being changed to Brookton, after John Seabrook's house in 1899. By 1903, the townsite attracted a few businesses and the tiny settlement included a school, hotel, bank, and a few shops.

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